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Completed tournaments


The Chess Association of Novi Sad, in cooperation with the Novi Sad Chess Club, organized the semi-final tournament of the 90th individual championship of Novi Sad. The tournament will be played at the NŠK premises at Nikole Pašića Street 26, from 10th of October to 20th October, 2022.
Право учешћа на турниру имали су сви заинтересовани играчи са ФИДЕ рејтингом мањим од 2000, као и играчи без рејтинга. Сви пријављени морали су бити регистровани играчи клубова Шаховског савеза Новог Сада или који су на неки начин везани за Нови Сад ( станују, раде, или се школују у Новом Саду ).

The first place belonged to Aleksandar Majstorović with 7/9 points, the second place took Igor Stanković with 6.5/9, and the third place won Tomislav Vujević with 6.5/9, but with weaker criteria.

Results, tables, pairing

The following have the direct right to participate in the final of the 90th championship:

  • The four first-place finishers from the 89th championship
  • Former champions of the city
  • Players with a master title or higher
  • Players with FIDE rating 2000 and higher (list valid from 1st of October, 2022)
  • The ten first-place finishers from the semi-final tournament

The tournament was played according to the Swiss nine-round pairing system with computer pairing. The time control of the game: 60 minutes per player + half a minute bonus for each move played starting from the first.