Banovic in the top 10!

The Chess Federation of Novi Sad, the "Novosadski šahovski klub" and the Lovers of blitz tournaments are organizing the first Online Grand Prix cycle. The idea is that due to the emergency which has also led to the suspension of chess events in our region, we somehow continue to do what we love. Tournaments are held every Saturday and Monday at the chess site: You need to join the club SSNS-NSK. For a better overview of the results of tournaments, please provide me your real name when you request membership.

First place on Gran Prix no.5 won IM Novak Cabarkapa with 9/11 points, second place also with 9/11 points, but with slightly lower additional criteria GM Aleksandar Kovacevic, third place won ФМ Стефан Младеновић with 8.5/11 and fourth place won FM Nenad Robulj also with 8.5/11

Once a month will be hold Online Gran Prix tournament with prizes. For Gran Prix No.5, held on 4.4.2020. a prize pool of 6000 rsd has been provided and is distributed as follows:
1. 2500 rsd
2. 1500 rsd
3. 1250 rsd
4. 750 rsd
Prized players will be awarded a prize within 2 business days after delivery of paypal information.

Members of the club SSNS-NSK

For any suggestions, questions or assistance for using the site, please feel free to contact me:

Note: The site has an algorithm for recognizing usage of the engine. The SSNS will also games the matches and if it is determined that someone used the engine they will be banned from the club and will not be awarded.

More about Online Gran Pri cycle find out on the page.

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